Understanding Grief and Loss

Understanding Grief and Loss: What a Trauma-Informed Church Can Do

During this presentation, there will be a discussion delving into what it means for a ministry to be “trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive.” Furthermore, you will be exposed to suggested strategies and methodologies of aid and support.

Presenter: Earl Greene, Director, Family Engagement & Equity, University of Rochester/Children’s Institute | Minister of the Newark Church of Christ

Earl Green is the Minister of the Church of Christ in Newark, NY, where he has served for 26 years. Bro, Greene is the Interim Minister of the Northside Church of Christ in Rochester, NY, where he has encouraged the flock for one year and six months. He and his wife of 40 years, Kalonda, live in Farmington, NY. They have four adult children and 17 grandchildren. Professionally, Earl serves as faculty of the University of Rochester / Children’s Institute as Director of Family Engagement and Equity. He also serves as a Behavioral Health Consultant providing behavioral support for families and staff at Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centers. His background includes over 40 years of experience in community engagement and mobilization in both Rochester, NY, and Boston, MA, working extensively in mental health, trauma, violence prevention, and cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion. Earl travels as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at national, state, and regional conferences, churches, schools, and community organizations. In addition, he provides training on Cultural Humility, Anti-Racism, Adverse Childhood Events/Experiences (ACEs), Toxic Stress & Trauma, Anger Management, Conflict Management, and more.