Financial Order

Getting Your Financial House in Order

About the presenter:

D. Lane (which he is affectionately called), holds an Associates of Arts Degree from St. Louis Community College in Counseling and Human Services, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from the University of Phoenix. He has taken social work courses at Saint Louis University and studied for a semester in Canterbury, England. He is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

He attends the Southern Hills Church of Christ where he keeps himself extremely busy. He currently serves as the Minister of Discipleship and Church Growth, works with the finance committee, safety team, and teaches the new member discipleship and young adult bible classes. He has over twenty years counseling experience. He has been invited to facilitate a wide range of workshops and seminars both in the workplace and churches.

He is a Professional Problem Solver, a barber by trade, the CEO of David4Consulting where he is a Personal and Professional Coach, as well as a Discipleship and Church Growth Consultant, Licensed Financial Professional, Realtor, travel agent, and an English/Reading educator for over ten years. He currently serves at Skyline High School, Golden Gate Funeral, and as a Financial Literacy Campaigner with World System Builders where he educates people about how money works and how to have money work better for them, protect themselves and their families, and save money.