Effective Uses of Social Media in the Church

Effective Uses of Social Media in the Church

Technologically, what are the best practices to utilize in our fellowship? How does one develop and maintain an effective online presence? What are the dos and don’ts? This discussion will focus on having an online presence filled with quality, life-changing, motivating, and relevant content. It will discuss how to decide what content, where to get content, how to find or develop content that best meets your intended audience’s needs, and more.

Presenters: Jack Akana and Brent Rusk, Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ


Hello, my name is Jack Akana Jr., I am a certified graphic designer, and I earned my degree in Applied Arts at The Art Institute of Dallas in 2001. After college, I worked with several companies where I learned the ups and downs of projects, deadlines, and client relationships. I have been working as a creative artist for Friendship-West Baptist Church since 2004. Most people would probably start to tell you about their strengths, but I’d instead tell you my weaknesses. First, I work too hard, care too much, and sometimes become too invested in my passion. Second, I have a great deal of design experience, but my passion is photography. I fell in love with photography in high school in 1986. I picked photography back up in 2010. I specialize in general subjects, fashion, products, and hair photography. Third, I’m a social person who lives in an introverted body because I love staying home watching Netflix and movies. Still, I also love connecting with people to provide them with quality service in photography. Finally, I’m very detail-oriented; you can feel confident I will treat your photography session like my own. My wife now is my second marriage, she’s a gift from God, and she’s the love of my life. Opposites do attract and believe me when I say that she keeps me in line. We have three children together, and they keep me young at times. But, the life we’ve built together is what I cherish most in this world.

Brent Rusk is a member of the Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ and serves in many areas, including technology and the children’s ministries. Web/platform development, search marketing, digital content development, and online training are his areas of expertise. His stated goal is to help equip congregations to reach further faster, efficiently, and effectively both locally and abroad in service to Jesus’ Kingdom.