being creative as a preschool teacher

Be Creative as a Preschool Teacher

Audience: Preschool teachers, including lead teachers and supervisors, for ages 2-4
Class Description: This workshop is designed to provide teachers with strategies, resources, and teaching methods to help them enhance the learning of younger students in their Bible classes. 

Presenter: Gerri Lacy,  Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ

Bio for Geraldine “Gerri” Lacy
Geraldine Lacy has been a member of the Marsalis Avenue congregation since April 1974, coming from the University congregation in Cleveland, Ohio. Since placing her membership, she has made numerous contributions to enhance the practices of Jesus. Gerri has worked in the Education ministry with the elementary school department, girls-only class, and for over 25 years as the teacher of the 2-3 years olds. In addition, Gerri has served in the Education department as a supervisor and the manager of the MACC resource center. Whatever is needed, after praying about it, Gerri does what is asked of her. She also is a member of Lifeline Chaplaincy and the ministry leader of the MACC Pillow Ministry. Gerri is the mother of two adult children and the doting grandmother of two.